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Regeneration, Recovery & Refining (Reprocessing of Used Catalysts.) Latest technology with automated recovery and refining plant to minimize the losses which helps the customers in a big way to bring down their operational cost. Our Lab is fully equipped for all in-house testing and undertaking the same on commercial terms, and able to recover up to 99.5% of precious metal present in the spent catalysts, alloys & seraps.We have a state of art to separate each precious metal from theirany form.


Formula Name CAS# % P.M F.W
C40H36Cl2FeN2P2Ru Dichloro [1, 1 – bis (diphenylphosphino) ferrocene] (2 – aminomethylpyridine) ruthenium(II) 1287255-62-2 12.11% 834.49
C15H21O6Ru Tris (2, 4 – pentanedionato) ruthenium(III) 14284-93-6 25.37% 398.4
C8H12Cl2Ru Dichloro (cycloocta – 1, 5 – diene) ruthenium(II) 50982-12-2 36.08% 280.15
C54H45Cl2P3Ru Dichlorotris (triphenylphosphino) ruthenium (II) 15529-49-4 10.54% 958.85
C20H30Cl4Ru2 Dichloro (p – cymene) ruthenium(II) Dimer 52462-29-0 33.01% 612.39

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