Precious Metal Supported Catalyst


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Manufacturer of Precious Metal Catalysts support on Carbon, Calcium Carbonate , Barium Sulfate, alumina etc and salts like Chloride, Sulfates , Nitrates, Acetate etc. as well as cross Coupling Catalyst ligands like, Tetrakis (TPF), Bis (TPP), DBA, DPPF, TCHP etc. These catalysts, salts and Compounds are used in Hydrogenation, Dehydrogenation, Desulphurisation, Selective oxidation, Cross coupling, Carbonylation, Hydrosilylation, Hydroformylation, Asymmetric synthesis,Fined bed catalysts and electroplating etc.


Type Metal Loading % Support Material Application
05PTM 3, 5, 10 Carbon Powder/Paste Schiff’s base and nitro hydrogenation, Aromatic ring hydrogenation, Hydrogenation of alkenes, Hydrogenation of aliphatic carbonyls to alcohols, Selective oxidation
05PTH 1, 5, 10 Carbon Powder/Paste Pyridine ring hydrogenation, Hydrogenation of halonitroaromatics and aliphatic nitro groups. , p-aminophenol production from nitrobenzene.

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