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Catalysts Screening & Process Optimisation We offer a range of catalytic services to support customers throughoutthe development, scale-up and commercial Implementation stages of a project. We focus on delivering solutions that reduce cost, process steps and waste while maximizing the performance of your reactions. Our services Include: Catalyst Screening, Increased catalyst performance, Process Optimization, Efficient technology transfer, Scale up, Research & development.


Compound Name CAS No. % P.M Application
Ag Sliver Metal Powder 7440-22-4 99.99% Catalyst
AgCl Silver (I) Chloride 7783-90-6 75.26% Photoghraphic Filims
AgNO3 Silver (I) Nitrate 7761-88-8 63.50% Silver Plating, Photography, Mfg of other
Ag2O Silver(I) oxide 20667-12-3 93% Silver compounds, Mirrors
AgI Silver(I) iodide 7783-96-2 45.95% Catalyst
AgF Silver(I) Fluoride 7775-41-9 85% Silver based photography
AgBr Silver bromide 7785-23-1 57.44% Dental use
AgCOOCH3 Silver acetate 563-63-3 64.63% Light sensentive sunglasses
Ag2CO3 Silver carbonate 534-16-7 78.23% Antismoking agent
AgCOOCH(OH)CH3 Silver lactate 15768-18-0 50% – 55% Koenigs-Knorr reaction
Ag2SO4 Silver Sulfate 10294-26-5 69% Plating
Ag2S Silver Sulphide 21548-73-2 Antibacterial
Ag3PO4 Silver Orthophosphate 7784-09-0 Plating

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